Community & Library Services

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Ashley Wysocki

Community & Library Services

Welcome to Huntington Beach Community & Library Services Department. The  Department offers an array of services, art center, facilitieslibraries, and parks for residents and visitors to our City. Responsibilities include Senior Servicesrecreation classes, campsfacility reservations, aquatics, youth and adult sports, leisure and art programs for all ages.  We also offer camping on the beach at our Huntington Beach RV Campground. 

The Community & Library Services Department Administrative Offices are located in City Hall at 2000 Main Street, 5th Floor.

Field: (714) 375-5164 (ext. 6)
Tennis: (760) 902-0686

Aquatics - Swim Lessons
Summer Camps
Surf Lessons & Information
Tennis Lessons & Information
Youth Sports

Huntington Central Park - Sports Complex

Disc Golf Course
Goldenwest Street between Talbert Avenue & Ellis Avenue

Community Garden
10172 Atlanta Avenue

Equestrian Center
18381 Goldenwest Street

Huntington Harbour Yacht Club
3821 Warner Avenue

Meadowlark Golf Club
16782 Graham Street

Newland House Museum
19820 Beach Blvd

Shipley Nature Center
17851 Goldenwest Street

Tree Society

Urban Forest
6711 Ellis Avenue