Staff Directory

SEQ No Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
1.00 Planning Administration Jennifer Villasenor Director of Community Development [email protected]
2.00 Planning Administration Jennifer Villasenor Deputy Director of Community Development [email protected]
3.00 Planning Administration Kim De Coite Administrative Assistant [email protected]
4.00 Advance Planning Ricky Ramos Principal Planner [email protected]
5.00 Advance Planning Hayden Beckman Senior Planner [email protected]
6.00 Advance Planning Tess Nguyen Associate Planner [email protected]
7.00 Advance Planning TBD Associate Planner
8.00 Current Planning Jason Kelley Senior  Planner [email protected]
9.00 Current Planning Joanna Cortez Associate Planner [email protected]
10.00 Current Planning Alyssa Helper Associate Planner [email protected]