clip_image002Newsracks on Public Property- Regulations and StandardsNewsrack Specifications:

  • All newsracks shall be a single metal pedestal newsrack with tray, Model K-Jack Mini-View 100 or similar type
  • All newsracks including the newsrack, tray, pedestal and pedestal base shall use the solid colors of exterior powder coating as approved by Resolution of the City Council (No more than two of the following colors: Green, Brown, Red, Blue, and White)
  • The single metal pedestal base shall be sixteen (16) inches in height with a three (3) inch square post and a ten (10) inch square plate mount. Mounts shall be bolted in place on the sidewalk using half-inch metal drop-in anchor bolts
  • No newsrack shall exceed forty-eight (48) inches in height, thirty (30) inches in width, or two feet in thickness (single deck only).
  • Newsracks shall carry no advertising except the name of the newspaper/periodical being dispensed on the bottom of the hood and rack cards contained in card pans, attached to an located on the front of the newsrack, and shall be limited to fifteen (15) inches in height and twenty-two (22) inches in length.
  • * Please note that there are separate, specific standards for newsracks located in the Downtown Specific Plan Area.*

For more information on the regulations and standards applicable to City newsracks or to obtain an application for the installation of a newsrack on the public sidewalk or parkway, please contact the Code Enforcement Division at 714-375-5155.
What do I need to do to place a newsrack in the City

Vendors who wish to place a newsrack in the City are required to submit an application form, pay an annual permit fee, and renew the permit each year. Applications are a available from the Community Development Department's Code Enforcement Division. Once submitted, the application will be reviewed an a permit issued if approved. Click here for Application Online
What is the cost for a newsrack permit?

The council has adopted a newsrack permit fee of $50 for the initial permit, and an annual renewal fee of $15 per year.
How many newsracks can a publication have in one location?

Generally, one newsrack per publication is allowed per location. No newsrack may be installed within fifty (50) feet of any other newsrack containing the same publication.
What colors can my newsrack be?

The council has adopted a color scheme for City newsracks. Generally, newsracks are limited to two solid colors, and are limited to the colors green, brown, red, blue, and white.
Will newsracks be restricted to certain locations as in the downtown area?

Newsracks located outside of the downtown are are not restricted to specific location criteria, other than the general location requirements in the ordinance.
How many newsracks are allowed in any one area?

There shall be no more than four units in a row, and no more than a total of eight shall be located within a space of 200 feet in any direction within the same block of the same street, provided, however, that no more than 16 shall be allowed on any one block. There must be at least three feet between newsracks with more than four units.
Where can I get more information?

Please see Municipal Code Chapter 12.37 for more information.