Code Enforcement Service Goals & Standards

Our Vision:"Community preservation and education to ensure Huntington Beach is a great place to live, work, and play."

Our Mission:"To provide comprehensive education and enforcement efforts that promote voluntary compliance, prompt correction of violations, and are consistent, fair and equitable."

Customer Service Goals:
  • Provide responsive and expedient service to all
  • Be honest, fair and consistent in our enforcement efforts
  • Present a professional attitude and image at all times, conveying respect and sincerity
  • Practice great communication skills. This includes listening with an empathetic ear
  • Ask clarifying questions to ensure understanding, and reiterate for accuracy and clarity on information exchanged
  • Educate the customer, using plain English, or language appropriate, to clearly communicate the issues involved and our expectations, goals, and time-frames for necessary actions
  • Offer options, resources, and solutions when initiating enforcement actions; be open and creative to alternative resolutions that are within the law
  • Provide accurate and clear information, including alternate methods and formats available to customers to access this information
  • Acknowledge and apologize for our mistakes or misunderstandings. Take responsibility, including corrective action, and follow up promptly
  • Thank our customers for the opportunity to serve them
Customer Service Standards:
  • Acknowledge each person, including staff members, with a positive, professional, and respectful demeanor
  • Hand out business cards, offer additional contact information as appropriate
  • Return calls the same day or within 24 hours
  • Update voicemail to reflect your availability/schedule
  • Provide educational/outreach materials as needed. Direct to other information, resources, or services that are available
  • Verify the customer's needs are met before ending communication. Ask clarifying questions to ensure understanding
  • Project a professional image at all times. This includes your clothing, comments and language, work area, and city vehicle
  • Operate city vehicles in a  courteous/safe manner. Obey all traffic and parking laws
  • Smile and laugh with customers when appropriate. It works wonders!
  • Recognize/compliment compliance efforts. Thank the customer and team members
  • Draw upon your own professional background, experience/knowledge to assist your team members, and contribute to the overall success of the division
  • Be open to new ideas/solutions/methods suggested by team members. Expand your "toolbox" and increase your knowledge
  • Apologize for misunderstandings and mistakes. Take responsibility, fix it, ask for help if needed
  • Acknowledge and respect the diversity of our team; utilize its dynamics, passions, experience, an commitment to accomplish our goals. Be respectful of differing opinions and methods, avoid negative comments, and keep a positive focus