Plan Review Process

In order for a construction permit to be issued and the work to be properly inspected, plans must be prepared and submitted to the city for review and approval.  Plan check involves review of the submitted plans by various city departments to meet its respective code requirements.  Once the plans have been approved by all applicable city departments, the Building Division will be authorized to issue the permit.


Plan Review Turnaround TimeTurnaround time objectives for each submittal are listed below.  Times are not guaranteed and may vary depending on size and scope of projects as well as on the number of projects currently under review by City staff.

Submittal Number Number of Business Days

First submittal


Second submittal


Third and subsequent submittals


Please note that the above objectives are for plan review by the Building Division only. Turnaround times may differ for other departments. Please contact each department separately for their respective times.

Expedited plan review service is not currently available at this time.

City Department ApprovalsPlans must be reviewed and approved by the following city departments prior to permit issuance:

City Department Phone Numbers Location @ City Hall

Building Division


3rd Floor



5th Floor

Planning & Zoning


3rd Floor

Public Works


1st Floor

It is the responsibility of the applicant to coordinate with each department to receive their respective plan approvals.

Plan Check WaiversPlan requirements may be waived for Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing permits only, as approved by the associated planchecker. Please see the following forms where items that are not eligible for plan check waiver request are listed:

If you are unsure if you qualify for a waiver, please contact the Building Division at (714) 536-5241.