Resubmittal Guide

Resubmittal Guide for Building Permit Applications(If you have not already created an account, please see How to Create an Account. You are required to be a registered user in order to upload documents to a record.)

*The Submit Revision button is only for plan revisions (not for revising or adding line items to the permit)*.

  1. Login to your account at
  2. To search for your record on the portal, go to Building, then Search Applications. Under General Search, enter your Record Number, then click on Search.
Resubmittal 2

3. On your record, Click on Record Info --> Attachments.
4. Then click on “Add."


5. You should see a file upload box pop-up.
6. Click on Add again. Then, it should prompt you to select the files from your computer to upload.


7. Once you have uploaded the documents, the system will automatically send a notification to our permit technicians and we will process it in the order that the documents are submitted and route to the plan checkers. Please allow 3-5 working days for us to process resubmittal and revisions.

*Revisions and resubmittals - to ensure the submittal process will move along as predicted with no delays, please submit revised plans and include a response or narrative of the changes with your submittal.

Revision Guide for Building Permit Applications1. Log in to your account at

2. To submit a revision, search for your record (permit number) on the portal, go to the Building tab, and then input your Permit Number, under General Search.


3. Your Record/Permit Number should appear and you can Submit Revision one of two ways by clicking Submit Revision under Records or Record Details:
Note: If you already have an existing revision record that you are responding to, please submit your revision responses to the existing revision record to avoid creating duplicates. For example, if you started a revision on record C2023-001234.REV01 and received corrections, then you would submit the corrected revision plan and narrative to C2023-001234.REV01. To submit to the existing revision record, simply go to the correct revision record and follow the Resubmittal Guide



Revision Step 1: Input a detailed description of the scope of work you are doing 


Then click Add, to add your revisions along with a Plan Narrative explaining the changes in PDF format.


Once you clicked Add, please proceed to complete Steps 1-4 below.

Step 1) Insert the document Type 2) Insert the Description 3) Click Save 4) Click Continue


Revision Step 2:

The submitted revision document should appear like the following image below.

Click the box, to agree to the certification, and then click Continue Application.


Revision Step 3:

On the last step, you will receive a receipt and Record/Permit Number.


Refer to the format required for electronic plans in the link provided: Preparing for Electronic Plan Review