New Application

New Building Permit ApplicationsYou may submit an online application for a Building Permit or Certificate of Occupancy for the following permit types:

  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Commercial Building
  • Commercial Electrical
  • Commercial Mechanical
  • Commercial Plumbing
  • Commercial Re-roof
  • Commercial Sign
  • Residential Combo
  • Residential Electrical
  • Residential Mechanical
  • Residential Photovoltaic System
  • Residential Plumbing
  • Residential Re-roof
  • Residential Pool
For examples of each permit type, please see our Permit Type Examples


Go to the ACA Home page and click on the Create an Application icon under "Building".


Once you are on the "Online Application" screen, read the disclaimer and accept. Then, click on Continue Application to proceed.


Select the record type pertaining to your scope of work by clicking on one of the circular buttons. Then, click Continue Application.


1. Click Select from Account to populate applicant contact.


2. Click Look Up to add a contractor. For Owner-Builders, use 000000 as your License Number. *Note: Step 2 & 3 are required for all applications other than Certificate of Occupancy.


3.In the pop-up, enter in the License Number and click Look Up to find your contractor license.


4. Click Continue Application once both contacts are added successfully.

Step 2: Location>Location Details

1. Enter in the address (street no. and street name) of the property for which you are applying for a permit and click Search.


2. A pop-up will appear with search results. If there are multiple search results, mark the address with the correct address type, parcel and property owner; then, click Select. Click Continue Application once you have confirmed the address, parcel and owner.


Step 3: Information> Details 

1. Enter in a detailed description of the scope of work for the construction you are proposing.


2. In the Manual Valuation field, please enter in the approximate material and labor cost for construction. *Note: this field will only be required on re-roof permit applications.

3. Click Continue Application.

Step 4: Documents> Details

1. For all application submittals, a PDF file upload of the completed permit application or certificate of occupancy application form is required. 

2. To ensure you have all documents included in your application, please see our list of Required Documents for Applications and Permit Issuance.

3. Before you upload plans, please review our Electronic Plan Requirements

4. Click Add to upload files


5. Click on Add in the pop-up screen, and then locate the file you wish to upload from your computer and select it. After the status bar reaches 100%, click Continue.


6. After the file is uploaded, select the type of file submitted from the drop down menu, enter in description and Save. Then click Continue Application.


Step 5: Review

  1. Review each section of your permit application. Click Edit to make changes if necessary.
  2. Once the application is determined to be accurate, read and check mark the Certification box and click Continue Application.
Submit Your Applicationsubmit-permit-app12

Please write down the Record Number for status check or inspection requests.

Current application review time is approximately 5 business days. If application is deemed complete and accepted, fees due will be emailed and/or posted online. Plan Review and/or Permit Issuance will not occur until application is complete, required documents are received, and fees are paid.

Plan Review time frame (once plan check payment is received):

  • 1st Submittal - 20 business days
  • 2nd Submittal - 10 business days
  • 3rd Submittal - 5 business days
(If scope of work changes significantly at resubmittal, 20 working days time frame will apply)

You will be notified by email of any application status change. Please review our complete list of current processing times below, and check updates on the Processing Status section of your permit through ACA

  • Initial Review - 5 Business Days
  • Plan Review 1st Submittal - 20 Business Days
  • Plan Review 2nd Submittal - 10 Business Days
  • Plan Review 3rd+ Submittal - 5 Business Days
*For project inquiries, please review the Processing Status page on your permit record and find your project Permit Technician listed under "Application Submittal - Accepted By" 

**Note: A copy of your Issued Permit and/or Approved Plans will be available under the "Attachments" section of your record once the permit has been issued.

For questions, comments, or concerns about SolarApp+, please contact:

Team email: [email protected]

FAQ page:

Certificate of Occupancy applications are now being processed exclusively through the HB ACA (Accela Citizen Access) portal. Link to Certificate of Occupancy Application form We will review your application and respond within 5 business days.