Holly Triangle Townhomes

The project is proposing to develop the site with 35 attached townhomes, of which 15 percent will be affordable to moderate income households. In order to develop the site with a residential use, the applicant is requesting the following:

  • A General Plan Amendment to amend the General Plan designation from Commercial Neighborhood-Specific Plan Overlay (CN-sp) to Residential Medium Density-Specific Plan Overlay (RM-sp).
  • A Zone Text Amendment to amend the existing zoning designation within the Holly-Seacliff Specific Plan (SP9) from Commercial (C) to Residential Medium Density (RM).
  • A Tentative Tract Map to consolidate 12 lots into a 1.80 net acre lot for condominium purposes.
  • A Conditional Use Permit to develop 35 three-story attached townhomes up to 40 feet tall, and allow 43-inch and 6-foot tall walls in lieu of 42-inch walls in the 10-foot front yard setback along Holly Lane and 6-foot tall walls in lieu of 42-inch walls in the 15-foot front yard setback area along Main Street.
  • Preparation of Addendum No. 1 to the Holly-Seacliff Specific Plan EIR No. 89-1 for the Holly Triangle Townhomes Project to analyze the potential environmental impacts of the proposed project.

1. Addendum to Holly-Seacliff General Plan Amendment Final Environmental Report No. 89-1

19070 Holly Ln, Huntington Beach, CA92648