Research and Technology (RT) Zoning Amendment

Applicant: City of Huntington Beach
Project Summary
In October 2017, the City completed a comprehensive update of the General Plan which included introduction of a new Research and Technology (RT) land use designation. The new Research and Technology (RT) land use designation allows a maximum 1.0 Floor Area Ratio and was adopted to permit a wide variety of nonresidential mixed-use development in existing industrial areas along the Gothard Street corridor and within the northwest industrial areas that are undergoing or poised for transformation to support changing employment demand.
The Research and Technology (RT) designation, as described in the approved General Plan Land Use Element, is broad enough to cover a wide range of uses which must be established by a zoning code amendment. The RT Zoning Amendment project will result in 1) an amendment to the City’s existing Zoning Map to include the RT zoning designations consistent with the General Plan Land Use Map; and 2) an amendment to the City’s zoning code to establish flexible development and design standards for the RT land use zone. The City’s General Plan Land Use Element goals and policies provide implementation guidelines that are intended to allow property and business owners to maximize opportunities on their sites while ensuring that existing property owners, businesses, and surrounding neighborhoods are minimally impacted.
The RT area would provide an innovative platform for both industrial and commercial uses that do not fit into the City’s historically commercial or industrial areas. Many new and exciting business types require flexibility, as they may need both commercial and industrial components to conduct and grow their business. It is not the intent of the RT designation to limit existing uses, but to expand what existing and new uses can do within their space.
The project team, including City staff and consultants, is preparing technical studies and evaluating an appropriate allowances and mix of commercial and industrial uses, as well as appropriate parking requirements for mixed use businesses and development  within the RT areas.  
Project Status: Completed
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Last Updated: October 06, 2020
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Gothard Street Corridor from south of Edinger Ave to Ellis Ave and NW Industrial areas south of Boeing Campus, ,