Seacliff at Huntington Beach Inspired Senior Living Facility

Applicant: Joseph P. McGonigle, SBLP Huntington Beach, LLC

Project SummaryThe proposed project is a request to construct a three-story, approximately 281,000 square-foot State-licensed assisted living and memory care facility with 226 guest rooms and a subterranean parking garage on an approximately 6.57-acre portion of the approximately 11.29-acre site of the existing Seacliff Office Park (See Figure 1, Project Site). Currently, the project site is comprised of one parcel with five detached office buildings. Upon project implementation, the project site would be subdivided into four distinct parcels and one of the office buildings would be demolished (2120 Main).

The project consists of three requests:

Conditional Use Permit: To permit: A) the construction of a three-story approximately 281,000 sq. ft. State-licensed convalescent facility on a site that has a grade differential greater than 3 feet between the low and high points; B) the operation of a convalescent facility with 226 guest rooms, 46,300 sq. ft. of common areas for residents, and a subterranean parking structure with 238 parking stalls in the Commercial Office (CO) zone; and C) a Type 47 ABC alcohol license that would permit the service of beer, wine, and spirits in the dining rooms, bistro, and café of the facility for residents and their guests;

Tentative Parcel Map: To subdivide the existing 11.29 acre subject property into four parcels; and

Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration: To analyze the potential environmental impacts associated with the proposed project.

Project Status: Under Construction

Project Planner: Hayden Beckman

Last Updated: March 13, 2023


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