Gisler Residential

Applicant: Brookfield Residential (

Project SummaryThe applicant proposes the following:  1)  General Plan Amendment to amend the General Plan designation from PS(RL)(Public-Semipublic underlying Residential Low Density) to RL (Residential Low Density);  2) Zoning Map Amendment to amend the zoning designation from PS (Public-Semipublic) to RL (Residential Low Density);  3) Tentative Tract Map to subdivide a 13.9 acre site into 85 single family residential numbered lots and 13 lettered lots for private streets, open space, and landscaping;  4) Conditional Use Permit to develop the site as a Planned Unit Development (PUD) with reduced lot size and width;  5) Design Review to review the design, colors, and materials of the project;  and 6) Environmental Assessment to analyze the potential environmental impacts of the proposed project.

Project Status: Under Construction

Project Planner: Ricky Ramos

Last Updated: February 13, 2023


  1. Notice of Availability
  2. Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration No. 20-002
  3. Appendix A – Air Quality and GHG Emissions Modeling Data, and Energy
  4. Appendix B – Tree Inventory and Tree Assessment
  5. Appendix C – Preliminary Geotechnical Evaluation
  6. Appendix D1 – Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  7. Appendix D2 – Hazards Materials Inspection
  8. Appendix D3 – Preliminary Subsurface Methane Gas and Soil Investigation
  9. Appendix E1 – Preliminary Hydrology Study
  10. Appendix E2 – Preliminary Water Quality Management Plan
  11. Appendix F – Noise Calculations
  12. Appendix G1 – Revised Traffic Analysis Report
  13. Appendix G2 – Preliminary Vehicle Miles Traveled Screening Assessment
  14. Response to Comments