PCH Mixed Use Building

Applicant: Cheryl DeMarco

Project Summary
The applicant proposes to construct a three-story mixed-use building consisting of:

  • A three-story, 5,968 sq. ft. restaurant with 545 sq. ft. of outdoor dining
  • Ground level parking to serve the commercial use
  • The sale, service, and consumption of alcohol (ABC License Type 47)
  • A three-story 1,716 sq. ft. townhome with a 364 sq. ft. two-car garage and an 825 sq. ft. roof top deck.

The request was heard before the Zoning Administrator on September 16, 2020.  Due to the project’s location in the non-certified Sunset Beach Specific Plan area, it obtained an “approval in concept” with modifications to the site plan and the conditions of approval. The application is subject to final approval by the CA Coastal Commission. 

Project Status: Plan Check

Project Planner: Joanna Cortez

Last Updated: March 02, 2023

Attachments: N/A