Magnolia Tank Farm

Applicant: Shopoff Realty Investments

Project SummaryThe applicant proposes to construct:

  • a 211,000 s.f. lodge with 175 guest rooms and guesthouse (lower cost overnight accommodations) with 40 rooms;
  • 19,000 s.f. of retail;
  • 250 for sale dwelling units (at 15 dwelling units./acre);
  • 2.8 acres of Coastal Conservation area to provide a buffer for the adjacent wetlands; and
  • 2.8 acres of park
The project includes: 1) an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to analyze the potential environmental impacts of the proposed project; 2) a General Plan Amendment (GPA) to establish land use designations for the proposed development including Commercial Visitor, Residential Medium Density, Open Space – Park, and Open Space - Conservation; 3) a Zoning Map Amendment (ZMA) to rezone the property to Specific Plan; 4) a Zoning Text Amendment (ZTA) to establish a Specific Plan for the site; and 5) a Local Coastal Program (LCP) Amendment to amend the City’s LCP pursuant to the GPA, ZMA, and ZTA.

The applicant has submitted all the applications noted above.  The public review process will include a 30-day Notice of Preparation of an EIR public comment period; 45-day EIR public comment period; and public hearings before the Planning Commission, City Council, and the Coastal Commission.

The public comment period for the Draft EIR has been extended to March 18, 2019.

Project Status: Planning

Project Planner: Ricky Ramos

Last Updated: January 20, 2021


  1. Notice of Preparation
  2. Notice of Availability
  3. EIR Scoping Meeting Slideshow Nov. 7, 2017
  4. Aug. 2019 draft MTF Specific Plan Volume I
  5. Dec. 2018 draft MTF Specific Plan Volume II
  6. Mar. 2018 draft MTF Specific Plan Volume III
  7. Draft EIR- Notice of Availability
  8. Draft EIR
  9. Draft EIR- Appendix A Draft MTF Specific Plan
  10. Draft EIR- Appendix B NOP Comments and Scoping Materials
  11. Draft EIR- Appendix C AQ GHG Emissions Calculations
  12. Draft EIR- Appendix D-1 Biological Technical Letter Report
  13. Draft EIR- Appendix D-2 Arborist Report
  14. Draft EIR- Appendix D-3 Tree Replacement for CEQA Compliance
  15. Draft EIR- Appendix D-4 Jurisdictional Delineation Report
  16. Draft EIR- Appendix E Phase 1 Cultural and Paleontological Assessment
  17. Draft EIR- Appendix F-1 Revised Geotechnical Study
  18. Draft EIR- Appendix F-2 Alternative 1 Addendum to Geotechnical Study
  19. Draft EIR- Appendix G-1 Compilation Report of Environmental Investigations
  20. Draft EIR- Appendix G-2 Groundwater Sampling Report
  21. Draft EIR- Appendix G-3 Groundwater Monitoring Well Installation Report
  22. Draft EIR- Appendix H-1 Infrastructure Technical Report for Hydrology
  23. Draft EIR- Appendix H-2 Preliminary Water Quality Management Plan
  24. Draft EIR- Appendix H-3 Sea Level Rise VAAP
  25. Draft EIR- Appendix H-4 County Permit
  26. Draft EIR- Appendix I Noise and Vibration Impact Analysis
  27. Draft EIR- Appendix J Traffic Impact Analysis
  28. Draft EIR- Appendix K-1 Infrastructure Report for Water and Sewer
  29. Draft EIR- Appendix K-2 Infrastructure Report for Water and Sewer Alternatives Memo
  30. Draft EIR - Notice of Comment Period Extension
  31. Draft EIR – Response to Comments (RTC)
  32. RTC Attachment A HCM Pedestrian Bike Counts
  33. RTC Attachment B Diverge Analysis Worksheets
  34. RTC Attachment C Supplemental Analysis w/o Hoag
  35. RTC Attachment D Supplemental Air Quality Memo
  36. Notice of Determination January 19, 2021