Huntington Beach Ten Point Plan for Local Business

The City of Huntington Beach unveiled its Ten Point Plan for Local Business in March 2011. The Ten Point Plan was created as a vehicle to cement the City's commitment to supporting and influencing local business retention and expansion. After two successful years, the Ten Point Plan for Local Business was revised and updated in May 2013.

Red Carpet Award Logo

The Plan was honored by the Orange County Business Council in 2011 as the recipient of the inaugural "Turning Red Tape into Red Carpet" Award of Excellence for Business Retention and Expansion. The award was bestowed in recognition of the city's proactive approach to cutting through red tape and opening the door for businesses to not only survive, but, also to thrive in Huntington Beach.

The Plan consists of ten broad points, all connected by the common goal to increase business-friendly practices by streamlining internal processes and to support and influence local business retention and attraction. Each point is supported by specific and measurable objectives, in a dynamic and flexible structure which enables the City to continually improve its efforts and take into account - and meet - changing business needs.

Ten Point Plan for Local Business

  1. Implement Economic Development Strategy
  2. Streamline Development Processes
  3. Enhance Customer Service
  4. Explore Use of Improved Technology to Increase Efficiency
  5. Enhance Availability of Services and Information for Businesses on the City's Website
  6. Expand Training and Workforce Development Opportunities for Businesses
  7. Support Green Programs for Local Business
  8. Promote Shop Local Programs
  9. Promote Quality of Life Enhancements for Businesses and Employees in Huntington Beach
  10. Support Efforts to Attract Additional Visitors and Business Customers to Huntington Beach
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