Sustainable Business Certification

sbcplogo_nobackgroundAboutThe Huntington Beach Sustainable Business Certification Program, a part of California Green Business Network, is dedicated to fostering a cleaner and healthier environment by assisting businesses in integrating sustainable and profitable environmental practices into their operations. This is a FREE and voluntary program, available to businesses in the Office, Retail, and Restaurant sectors. The only requirements to sign up are to be located in Huntington Beach and to have a valid Huntington Beach business license.

The Benefits of ParticipationBy participating in this program, you can stay ahead of changing environmental regulations in California while simultaneously reducing costs in areas such as water, energy, waste, and pollution. Additionally, there are various advantages, including:

  • Access to free technical assistance
  • Free sustainable business marketing materials and city-wide recognition
  • Incentives and rebates to lower operating expenses
  • Attracting environmentally-conscious customers
  • Enhancing production efficiency
  • Providing a safer working environment to improve employee health and morale
  • For more information on the program or to become involved, please contact the program coordinator, Debra Jubinsky at [email protected]  or call (714) 374-5321.
Certified Businesses Useful Resources PrimalElements-Photo_001Featured BusinessFounded in 1993, Primal Elements is dedicated to providing the highest quality bath and skin care products and committed to protecting the environment and using renewable sources. Primal Elements bath and body care products are high quality, effective, and are based on caring, sound environmental practices. Products are packaged in recyclable containers and customers are encouraged to reuse or recycle them. The company took an early initiative and was one of the first businesses to become a "Huntington Beach Sustainable Business", they have featured their certification on HSN, Tory Johnson, LA Travel Magazine, and always make sure to inform their customers.
According to Primal Elements, the Sustainable Business Certification has helped with business. "Our customers love hearing we are environmentally friendly and conscious. Our sales have increased because we think that our customers like seeing we care about our world. The City has really helped us on this one."

Discover more about Primal Elements and their products at: