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February Mayor's Award: George Ruff, Public Works
posted on 02/18/2016.
George Ruff is the Crewleader in Public Works' Signal and Lighting Maintenance section overseeing four, full time electrician and maintenance service worker positions.

George started out his professional life serving in the Coast Guard where his talents as a mechanic and electrician landed him in the engine room of the ships.  George started his career in the City in 1987 working as an electrician in the City’s Sewer Maintenance section, maintaining electrical systems at the City’s lift stations. 

In 1991, George transferred into the Signal and Lighting Maintenance section where he progressed through different positions in the section and became the Crewleader in 2006.  This section is responsible for maintenance and operations of all of the traffic signals in the City, all of the City-owned streetlights, sports lighting at the various parks, parking lot and area lights for all of the City parks and facilities.

He’s has been an extremely valuable resource to the City in keeping up with technology changes over the years including traffic signal hardware and software, electronic components, battery back-up systems and virtually every element of the lighting and traffic signal and lighting operations areas.

Over the years, George’s spare time was spent at his second home in Kernville where he is an avid whitewater rafter and kayaker.  He has worked with Olympic kayakers and taken trips to many of the best rivers in the country.  George’s favorite part of his job is the fact that he gets to work in the City in which he has been a long-time resident.

We are proud that George Ruff is the recipient of the February Mayors Award.

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