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Update: Tsunami Advisory for 9/17/15
posted on 09/16/2015.

Updated as of 9/17/15 at 9am

This is the Huntington Beach Police Department.  The National Tsunami Warning Center issued a Tsunami Advisory at 6:43 PM on September 16, 2015. Public Safety Officials have not observed any noticeable tidal changes along the Orange County beaches or in the harbors.  In concurrence with other coastal jurisdictions, beaches were reopened at 6:00AM.    

The Tsunami Advisory still remains in effect.  The National Tsunami Warning Center advises that there is still the potential for strong currents.  Use caution when in or around the water.

Once again, the Tsunami Advisory is still in effect however beaches are open.  The Huntington Beach Emergency Operation Center is deactivated. 

If you have not registered your cell phone and e-mail for AlertOC please visit

For additional information on tsunami preparedness, visit the City website at

Tsunami Advisory

 A Tsunami Advisory has been issued by the West Coast Alaska Tsunami Warning Center for all of Orange County Coastal areas. 


The first waves are expected to arrive in Orange County at approximately 4:46AM on Thursday, Sept. 17.  Although no significant coastal flooding is expected, some areas could experience dangerous currents and tidal surges due to this tsunami along beaches and in harbors and marinas.

·         The impact of this tsunami will be stronger than normal currents and possible higher than normal tidal surges along the beaches.  Stay out of the water.

·         There will be a strong outgoing tidal current at the same time the tsunami arrives.  The combined effect could produce very strong currents in harbors and bays.

·         A Tsunami event is a series of waves that can last for several hours.  The first wave is usually not the strongest.

Local Coastal Officials are monitoring the situation and directing all persons to be advised:

·         Beaches, harbor and marina will be closed starting at 4 AM.

·         Local officials will determine when areas are safe to open.

·         Contact your local jurisdiction for more specific information.


Do not call 9-1-1 unless you have a life threatening emergency.  For more information call the County Public Information Hotline at 714.628.7085.

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