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Recycle Used Motor Oil for Free!
posted on 07/23/2020.

Did you know that used motor oil never wears out? It just gets dirty and can be recycled and used again. Motor oil poured onto the ground or into storm drains or tossed into trash cans (even in sealed containers) can contaminate and pollute the soil and our water. Recycling your used motor oil reduces this pollution threat, protects the environment and conserves a valuable resource. That’s a winning combination.

There are 2 easy ways to recycle your used motor oil and oil filters

1. Home Collection

Residents of Huntington Beach can call and schedule to have your used oil picked up from your home for FREE! Your used motor oil and filters will be collected on your appointment day. You do not have to be home for the collection.  To schedule a pick-up:

(800) 449-7587 or [email protected]

2. Collection Centers

You can take your used motor oil and oil filters to a Certified Used Oil Collection Center. Selected retailers in Huntington Beach will accept used oil and filters during normal business hours.  Click on the attached PDF below for a list of collection centers!


Residents can pick-up FREE oil recycling kits which include a 15-quart reusable oil recycling container, a hands-free recycling funnel, a dual capacity oil filter recycling container, and a shop rag/towel. To get your FREE oil recycling kit, please contact Michelle Galvez at (714)375-8445, [email protected] or

Ricky Kloppe at (714) 375-8494, [email protected]

Attachment: 2020-07-23 Used Oil-Recycling Kits Ad.pdf

Did you know?

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