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Mayor's Award August - Frank Biangone, Community Development Department
posted on 08/24/2017.

Frank Biangone began his career with the City of Huntington Beach in 1990 as a Plumbing and Mechanical Inspector.  In 1997, he was hired as the Principal Plumbing and Mechanical Inspector and Plan Checker.  Since Frank was hired for the principal position he has provided our customers the best service possible, and the quality of his plan checks has been excellent. 

Frank is professional, knowledgeable, and courteous to homeowners, designers and contractors.  Frank has trained every Building Inspector at the City of Huntington Beach in the plumbing and mechanical trade over the last 21 years.  His understanding of the codes and knowledge he passes on to staff has been a tremendous help to management.  Frank has played a major role in the successful progression of the Building Division in the last seven years.  Frank’s dedication and professionalism to performing his job has been exemplary.  Frank possesses a highly technical skill-set related to plumbing and mechanical trades, making him a valuable asset to the Building Division.

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