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Mayor's Award March - Debra Garcia, Library Services
posted on 03/23/2017.

Debra Garcia, or "Miss Debra" as the children call her, is the Huntington Beach library’s beloved storyteller for "Toddler Storytime." For the last 10 years Debra has been instilling the love of reading to the children throughout our community with her interactive delightful storytelling. She uses early literacy techniques to re-enforce basic learning skills with the children who attend. Her storytimes are so popular that the library's Tabby Theater is filled to capacity. 

Debra performs six storytimes a week. Since each storytime holds 143 children and parents, she is reaching 856 people per week, 3,432 people per month and roughly over 40,000 children and adults per year. She has taught the children to have a basic love of books and has set the children on the path to becoming lifelong readers. The positive influence she has had on our community is inspiring.

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