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Mayor's Award December 2016 - Antonia "Toni" Graham, City Manager's Office
posted on 01/03/2017.

Please join us in congratulating Antonia “Toni” Graham as the 2016 recipient of the Mayor’s Award at the last meeting presided by Mayor Jim Katapodis.  Toni joined the City in December 2014 as a Senior Administrative Analyst for the City Manager’s Office primarily responsible for Sustainability and Energy Management projects.  In October 2016, she successfully promoted to the Assistant to the City Manager position and increased her responsibilities in general support of the City Manager’s Office and working cross collaboratively with departments on City Council initiated programs. 

During her tenure, Toni assisted in the acquisition of over 11,000 streetlights from SCE and helped the City gain the first ever “California Lending for Energy and Environmental Needs” loan to reduce the overall cost of the project; gained a $20,000 grant from the State for the Sustainable Business Certification Program in Oakview and additional funds from local utilities for a city-wide program; gained a partnership with UCI and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory for $1.9 million to create a model advanced energy community in HB; and gained City Council approval of the Orange County Recycling Market Development Zone that has helped three businesses in HB and which she is the OC RMDZ Administrator, among many other accomplishments.

Toni’s commitment to the City and an overall sustainable workplace and environment continue to make a positive return for the City and its residents.  Please give a shout out to Toni for her hard work and well deserved Mayor’s Award.

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