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HB Residents - Need Your Input on Survey!
posted on 08/25/2016.

Is your home or office building susceptible to damage from earthquakes, floods, or other hazards? Do you want to recover quicker from disasters and prevent future damage from these and other natural hazards? Your participation in this survey can help the City become more resilient to disasters.

In an ongoing effort to protect and serve our visitors, residents, and businesses, the City of Huntington Beach is preparing an update of the City's Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP). Mitigation activities include actions you can take to protect your home and property from natural hazard events such as floods and earthquakes. The purpose of this plan is to create mitigation strategies for multiple hazards that will aid City officials and its constituency in protecting life and property from the impacts of natural disasters. This plan, which was last updated in 2012, identifies natural hazards throughout the City and assesses the vulnerability of critical infrastructure and facilities to these hazards. Using this understanding, the plan lists potential actions to reduce risk and future damage.

Your responses to this survey will inform the plan preparation. Thank you for your time and cooperation to respond to the brief survey below.

Did you know?

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