Airport Noise & Concerns

Air Traffic Noise Working Group

On January 16, 2018 the City Council voted to convene an Air Traffic Noise Working Group. Council Member Patrick Brenden, Council Member Barbara Delgleize, a dozen Huntington Beach residents and other City staff members are working diligently to understand recent concerns about flight patterns and increased noise from aircrafts. The group had their first introductory meeting on January 31, 2018.

John Wayne Airport (JWA)

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has the statutory responsibility and primary mission to promote safety, efficiency, and provide for the safe use of airspace. The FAA has the sole authority to control air traffic. Neither the City of Huntington Beach nor the State of California can regulate the altitude, speed, direction, or location of aircraft in flight.

The County of Orange, the John Wayne Airport proprietor, has no control over aircraft in flight; however, the County of Orange strictly enforce the noise limits at John Wayne Airport (JWA). The Access and Noise office is charged with enforcement of two regulatory documents which govern noise and capacity issues at JWA: 1) the Phase 2 Commercial Airline Access Plan and Regulation (Access Plan); and 2) the General Aviation Noise Ordinance (GANO). The Access Plan regulates commercial air carrier operations at JWA by placing limits on operational capacity, hours of operations, and noise levels. The GANO details restrictions for general aviation (i.e., privately owned aircraft) operations. JWA also records, researches and responds to noise complaints and requests for information from the community. Please refer to this website for information regarding the JWA's Access Plan and GANO.

FAA Metroplex Project

The Southern California Metroplex Project is the FAA’s proposal to improve the efficiency and safety of air traffic into and out of the Southern California area. A key feature of the Southern California Metroplex Project is to create more repeatable and predictable flight paths, both vertically and laterally.

Primary Metroplex departure procedures for JWA began in March 2017. Additional information can be accessed here.

Noise Complaints

To report low-flying aircraft, or unsafe maneuvers of aircraft in flight, please contact the Long Beach FSDO.

Long Beach Flight Standards District Office
5001 Airport Plaza Drive Ste. 100
Long Beach, California 90815
Phone: (562) 420-1755

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