City Administrators Weekly Report

October 19, 2009


Centennial Celebration Continues in November with 100 years of Community Based Organizations

The Centennial Celebration Committee’s theme for November is “Celebrating 100 Years of Community Based Organizations”.  In honor of this, the Centennial Committee will hold an Old-Fashioned Community Picnic on November 7 from 10 am to 4 pm at Lake Park.

Lake Park is located at Main and 12th Streets. The picnic is free and includes great activities such as kid’s games, three-legged sack race, pie eating contest, music, bounce-house, and much more. The activities are sponsored by these local community-based organizations: Kiwanis, Elks, Rotary, Soroptimist and Lions Club.   Great picnic foods will be available and dogs on leashes are welcome. For more information, call Don MacAllister at 714-960-2892.


Did you know….

The California Public Records Act (PRA) guarantees the fundamental rights of citizens to have access to information that enables them to monitor the functioning of their government.  This means that everything presented to City Council in an open-forum meeting becomes a public record, and now the majority of these records are available on-line. 

The reason for this article is to make citizens aware that informal petitions, which usually have a space for name, address and signature, will become public record as soon as they are presented to Council.  Also, all e-mails that are sent to Council, including e-mail address information, become part of the related record and available to anyone who requests a copy of that file.  This is not meant to discourage participation in grass-roots efforts, but provided as information only. 

For informal petitions, a signature may not be required as a condition of participation.  Please check with the organizer of the event.  However, those who wish to participate in a referendum, initiative, or recall will have to provide a signature to be counted because those signatures are verified by the Registrar of Voters.  The City Clerk’s office does redact (black out) social security numbers when they are found, but otherwise there are few exceptions allowed by the PRA to withhold records or redact information from public view.


Customer Service Tip of the Week – Let Communication Flow

From the top to the first line supervisor, make sure your leadership team knows how to document suggestions and pass them on to the correct person who can properly evaluate and take action if needed.


Beach Operations

Beach Operations is pleased to announce that 12 groups will be returning to the Adopt-A-Beach program.  These groups perform a very valuable service to the community and the environment  by keeping their designated area of the beach clean between November and April.  They are volunteering for this very important beach cleanup program even though they will not receive the $1,000 stipends as in past years.  Unfortunately, stipends were eliminated as part of the reductions required to balance this fiscal year’s budget.  The groups returning this year are: Bolsa Chica Land Trust, Costa Mesa High School College Transition Class, HB Council on Aging, Cub Scout Pack 278, Cub Scout Pack 290, Cub Scout Pack 470, Dwyer Middle School Surf Class, Goldenwest College Transition Class, HB High School Surf Team, Huntington Harbour Philharmonic Juniors, HB Exchange Club, and Westminster High School French Club. 

Huntington Beach Senior Services

AES Huntington Beach Serves the Community - In September, Huntington Beach Senior Services Care Management partnered with a group of volunteers from AES Huntington Beach.  Stu Bakke, Mark Seaman, Ron Mai, and Gilbert Charles donated their valuable time, knowledge, skills, tools and muscle to help a low-income senior client with disabilities. The group expertly demolished an old ramp that led to her mobile home.  The ramp was weather worn, too steep for her to safely navigate with her walker, and needed to be removed before a vertical lift could be installed. The group worked as an effective team for about an hour, completing the project with confidence. The volunteers have offered to make further repairs and secure her porch for added safety after the lift is installed.  AES is a global power company dedicated to providing electricity worldwide in a socially responsible way.  The Senior Services Care Management team works with Huntington Beach seniors and their families to facilitate independent living and to help in developing a plan for facing late-life transitions. 

Computer Volunteer Needed -The extremely successful computer program at the Michael E. Rodgers Seniors Center needs an additional volunteer to teach the Beginner’s Computer Class on Tuesdays from 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.  This rewarding class opens the door of the World Wide Web to older adults for the first time and gives them the skills to email their children and grandchildren.   The basic class includes:  manipulating a mouse, correcting typing mistakes, how to write, send, read, print, reply, forward, and delete email, and how to surf the World Wide Web.  The volunteer needs basic computer skills; teaching experience preferred, but not required.  Through the Sands Parks & Recreation Guide, the Michael E. Rodgers Seniors Center offers a range of computer classes on weekdays to seniors 55+.  One of the oldest computer students, a 99-year-old woman, wanted to learn how to email her grandchildren demonstrating that age is no barrier to learning the computer.  For more information or to volunteer, contact Chris Cole, Recreation Coordinator, 714-374-1710, [email protected].

Huntington Beach Art Center

In recognition of Arts Month the HB Art Center has several events this month:

For more info about these and all of our events, contact the HBAC at 714-374-1650.



First-Time Homebuyers Downpayment Assistance Program

The City has launched a new First-Time Homebuyers Downpayment Assistance Program, which consists of a Silent Second Mortgage Loan Program with an equity share for low to moderate-income first-time homebuyers, with the principal payments deferred.   The program is income restricted for families or individuals making up to 120% AMI (for example, maximum income for an eligible family of 4 is $103,300).  All properties in the City of Huntington Beach are eligible (up to a maximum sales price of $515,000) with the exception of mobile homes.  Buyers must have good credit and be able to qualify for a 30 year mortgage.  For information, please contact Sidney Stone, Housing Manager, at 714-536-5901 or the City’s non-profit partner, The Affordable Housing Clearinghouse, at 949-859-9255.  Information and application materials can also be found on the City’s website:


Great California ShakeOut

On Thursday, October 15, the City of Huntington Beach participated in the Great California ShakeOut; a statewide Drop, Cover, and Hold drill. In addition to the drill, the city conducted an evacuation of the Civic Center.  The purpose of the ShakeOut is to practice how to protect ourselves during an earthquake, and how to get prepared at work, school, and home.  Huntington Beach has a very active disaster preparedness program, and this is the second year the city has participated in the ShakeOut. Safety is a vital concern in the City of Huntington Beach.  In order to ensure a safe environment for city employees and visitors to city facilities, the Huntington Beach Fire Department manages a Safety Officer Program.  The program provides training and equipment for pre-identified Safety Officers in all of the city’s 19 facilities.  The role of the Safety Officer is to respond to an emergency until Public Safety personnel arrive on the scene.  If this had been a real earthquake, the city would have activated its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to assess the situation and coordinate citywide response efforts.


Children’s Department Offers New Online Tutoring Service: “HelpNow!” powered by Brainfuse

You always thought Pi was something you ate, until they started talking about it in Math class.  What to do?  Bring ice cream to class?  Luckily, help is available at your library!  Brainfuse, America’s leading online instruction provider, offers one-to-one tutors that help you to learn or master a new concept – with no time limit on individual sessions!  HelpNow! is free online homework tutoring assistance available at the Huntington Beach Public Library or through the library website from a home computer (sign in with your library card).  Obtained through a grant from the California State Library, Brainfuse is a great new resource designed to provide children with homework assistance by expert, trained tutors in all core subjects, such as Math, Science, Social Studies, and English.  Students can also work on Skills Building, practice their foreign language skills or take practice tests.  Additionally, adults can work on their resume, in the “Adult Learning Center.”  Available now, children in grades 3 to 12 can reach a live tutor between the hours of 1:00 pm and 10:00 pm PST Monday through Sunday.  Simply go to our website, at, and click on “Free Live Tutors – HelpNow!”  For more information, please call (714) 375-5107 or visit our website listed above.

Get Inspired at Your Library!

The holiday season brings thoughts of entertaining, spending time with family, and celebrating traditions, but does it make you think about the library? As Halloween ushers in this special time of year, many Huntington Beach residents stop by the library for cooking and decorating books, craft projects for kids, and costume ideas. Others find that a book by Stephen King or Edgar Allen Poe helps them to get into the Halloween spirit. The Media department experiences a run on spooky movies, both for adults and children. Speaking of children and Halloween, the library will host special themed story hours and a costume parade.  Stop by the library to find what you need for the perfect Halloween and, as always, visit to see what’s new at your library.



Children’s Department to Host Magician Johnny Ace Palmer in Halloween Magic Show!

Come get your tickets while you still have the chance, for the annual Halloween Magic Show with the fabulous Johnny Ace Palmer!  This spectacular show, which includes plenty of audience interaction, tricks like pulling a live rabbit out of a hat, making doves appear out of handkerchiefs and other amazing feats, is usually sold out by this time of the month.  So now is the time!  Come on down to the Children’s Department of the Huntington Beach Public Library and pick up some tickets for our magic show on Wednesday, October 28, 2009.  We have tickets left for both shows at 4:00 and 7:00, but they are going fast.  Tickets are $4 per person.  While you’re here, take a look at the other great activities for children that we have to offer, like our fall reading program, writing and art contest, and our regular storytimes!


ASCON Landfill

Beginning October 22, the draft Interim Removal Measure Workplan, draft Mitigated Negative Declaration and other related documents for the ASCON landfill will be available at the Huntington Beach Central Library, Banning Library and the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), 5796 Corporate Avenue, Cypress, CA 90630-4732.  DTSC will consider and respond to all public comments before implementing field work.  Public comments must be postmarked or e-mailed no later than November 23, 2009, and sent to Safouh Sayed, Project Manager, Department of Toxic Substances Control, 5796 Corporate Avenue, Cypress, CA 90630-4732, E-mail: [email protected].  For additional information, please visit the DTSC Ascon website at:

Downtown Specific Plan EIR Appealed

Planning Commission certification of the Environmental Impact Report for the Downtown Specific Plan Update has been appealed. The Commission certified the Environmental Impact Report as adequate at the October 6, 2009, meeting.  The City Council will consider the appeal at the November 2, 2009, meeting.  The appeal will be considered in conjunction with the project entitlements – General Plan Amendment, Local Coastal Program Amendment and Zoning Text Amendment – that were approved at the October 12, 2009, Planning Commission meeting and forwarded to the City Council for final approval.


Entertainment Permit Suspended for Black Bull Chop House

On February 12, 2009, the management of Black Bull Chop House entered into an agreement with the City of Huntington Beach for the continuation of their Entertainment Permit.  Since that date, there have been two subsequent violations of the Entertainment Permit.  The first was on July 4, 2009, and the second was only July 22, 2009.  For the first violation, the Black Bull Chop House was issued a Civil Citation with a fine of $1,000 and a five (5) day suspension.  For the second violation, the restaurant was issued another Civil Citation with a fine of $1,000 and a fifteen (15) day suspension.

On October 8, 2009, an administrative hearing was held during which time the Administrative Hearing Officer upheld both citations issued by the Huntington Beach Police Department for violating the conditions of the Entertainment Permit.  The Black Bull Chop House’s Entertainment Permit suspension commenced Sunday, October 18, 2009, and will run consecutively through Friday November 6, 2009.  The restaurant was credited with serving one day of the suspension prior to the administrative hearing.



Water Conservation

Fall is here and rain is on the way.  Make sure you take the time to adjust your irrigation system accordingly. 
HB Water Consumption

January through September residential water use was reduced by 190 million gallons compared to last year.  Thank you HB residents. 

Did you know?

Think you may have or know of a Code Enforcement violation? You can now submit a Code Enforcement Investigation Request online!

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