Specific Plans

The purpose of a Specific Plan is to provide for the orderly development and improvement of a specific area in the City.  The Specific Plan is established to guide the development of an area that is characterized by its unique location, geographic features, land uses and ownership patterns.

The Specific Plan becomes existing zoning policy, development standards and descriptive maps for that area.  Additionally, the Specific Plan provides for creativity at the individual project level, and at the same time ensures that developments will ultimately combine to create a cohesive community.  Where the Specific Plans are silent, the Huntington Beach Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance will govern.

Specific Plans within the City of Huntington Beach are:

SP1  North Huntington Center Specific Plan

SP2  Pacifica Community Specific Plan

SP3 Seabridge Specific Plan

SP4  Huntington Harbour Bay Club Specific Plan

SP5 Downtown Specific Plan

SP6 Seacliff Specific Plan

SP7 Ellis-Goldenwest Specific Plan (.pdf-1.2MB)

SP8  Meadowlark Specific Plan

SP9  Holly-Seacliff Specific Plan

Title Page/Introduction

Development Concept

Zoning & Development Standards


Legal Description

Mitigation Measures

SP10 Magnolia Pacific Specific Plan

SP11  McDonnell Centre Business Park Specific Plan

Title Page

Section One - Introduction

Section Two - Project Area Description

Section Three - Implementation

Section Four - Master Plan Concept

Section Five - Design Guidelines

Section Six - Development Regulations


SP12  Palm/Goldenwest Specific Plan

Title Page

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapters Five & Six

Chapters Seven & Eight

Chapter Nine

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

SP 13 Bella Terra Specific Plan

SP 14 Beach and Edinger Corridors Specific Plan

SP 15 Brightwater Specific Plan (Draft)

SP 16 Not in Use

SP 17 Sunset Beach Specific Plan

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