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Anyone who currently parks their RVs, boats, and trailers in the streets of Huntington Beach will be affected by the new ordinance recently adopted by the City Council.

The need for a change in this ordinance comes from the numerous calls that the Police Department receives daily from citizens regarding oversized vehicles, recreational vehicles, and detached trailers parked on city streets. The general issue is the length of time that these vehicles are parked in the same location on public streets.

Many residents feel that these vehicles negatively impact the quality of life in their neighborhoods, create safety hazards, and are unsightly and clutter the streets. The current Municipal Code has been difficult to enforce because it is vague in certain aspects and time consuming for the Police Department.

The Recreational Vehicle Parking Ordinance

Prohibits parking of oversized vehicles (over 25 feet) and RV’s, unattached boat and personal watercraft trailers over 20 feet in length, on public streets or highways in a residential district. (Previously, the ordinance allowed vehicles over 25 feet to park in the street for 24 hours . Now, permits are required for any RV over 20 feet in length to park on the street.)

Prohibits parking of recreational vehicles in a commercial or industrial district between the hours of 9 pm and 6 am. (Essentially, this change will prevent RV owners from using streets in commercial or industrial districts for storage.)

Huntington Beach residents are able to contact the Police Department, in advance, to obtain a no cost 24-hour permit for a recreational vehicle, unattached boat, or personal watercraft trailer, to park on the residential street. The permit is limited to the area in front of the residence to which the permit is issued, or in reasonable proximity when parking is not readily available. Each residence is restricted to 16 such exemptions per month, although only 8 days can be linked at a time.

If you need your RV near your residence for medical reasons, the Chief of Police may issue a temporary medical permit upon submittal of a written statement from a licensed medical doctor. The Chief of Police may also issue a parking permit exemption , valid for no longer than 6 months, to a recreational vehicle when used on a daily basis and on-premises parking is not available.

A 45-day permit for any oversized motor vehicle parked while being used in performing or assisting in performing services or repairs on residential property can also be given by the Police Department.

Parking of Oversized Commercial Vehicles, including motor trucks, in Commercial/Industrial districts, are limited to a maximum 72 hours. Any non-motorized vehicle, such as a semi trailer, trailer, trailer coach, utility trailer, two or more axle camper, or a one-axle camper which has been detached from its drawing vehicle is restricted to a maximum four (4) hours parking in any area other than a residential district. Successive acts of parking within two-tenths of mile shall be presumed to be a single act of parking. (This is important for those who previously moved their vehicle only a few feet in order to constitute “movement.” This will no longer be acceptable and you will get a ticket!)

RV’s are allowed to be parked in a reasonable proximity to a park between the hours of 6 am and 9 pm.

Effective Friday, September 21, 2012, the RV hotline is no longer available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. RV owners are encouraged to use the online permit system. To obtain your RV permit online, please click here. If you are unable to create a permit online, please call (714) 374-5300, Monday through Thursday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. After regular business hours, you will have the option to leave a detailed voice mail message. Please remember that even if your oversized vehicle has a current permit on file, it is not exempt from our street sweeping parking laws (10.40.050(d) HBMC).

View the city code on RV parking ordinances.

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