Beach Boulevard and Edinger Avenue Corridor Specific Plan

Status: Adopted by City Council, March 1, 2010; Reinstated April 18, 2016

Beach and Edinger Corridor Specific Plan

map of beach and edinger project area


Beach Boulevard and Edinger Avenue are two primary economic engines for the City of Huntington Beach, including auto sales, various commercial developments, supermarkets, both large and small retail, as well as residential, institutional, and many other land-use functions. Key retail establishments along or proximate to Beach Boulevard include The Beach Boulevard of Cars, Bella Terra Regional Shopping Mall, 5-Points Shopping Center, Wal-Mart, and the Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa. Edinger Avenue includes Bella Terra and a number of retail centers.

Edinger Arial View It is the City’s desire to enhance and maximize the potential of this major thoroughfare. Although the City has been able to improve economic opportunities along Beach Boulevard, this artery lacks the characteristics that provide identity and clarity of location, incorporating various nondescript strip commercial centers, a wide range of signage, and inconsistent landscaping. While individual establishments along the corridor have had various degrees of success, there is no synergy to the current process. Likewise, efforts to create a strategy for Edinger have not come to fruition.

In recent years, the City has made an effort to develop specific plans for key areas within the City to maximize their unique assets. This includes the Downtown Specific Plan to maximize the City’s tourism potential and create a cultural magnet for residents and visitors alike, the Holly-Seacliff Specific Plan for a major residential development, and the McDonnell Centre Business Park Specific Plan.

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In September 2006, the City Council approved a contract with a consultant to perform a revitalization study for the Beach Boulevard and Edinger Avenue corridors. The project is intended to determine and implement a clear vision for growth and change along the Beach Boulevard and Edinger Avenue. The specific configuration that new public and private investment along the corridor will take will be determined by a planning process involving city officials, citizens, stakeholders and city staff. Specifications to guide land use and development intensity, site layout, building design, site landscaping and signage will be detailed in the document created from this effort. Land use and development standards contained in a specific plan will be drafted to replace pre-existing zoning regulations, and to assist the community to more effectively attract investment and improve the evolving image and identity of the City.

Project Fact Sheet

Beach and Edinger Corridors Specific Plan Vision Statement

Public Documents

Final Draft Specific Plan -- January 2010



Book 1

Book 2

Book 3


Appendix A

Appendix B

Reference Volume

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

Appendix D

Draft Environmental Impact Report -- August 2009

Final Environmental Impact Report -- November 2009

Draft Specific Plan October 2008


Intial Study July 31, 2008

Map of Study Area


February 27, 2008 Public Participation Meeting

May 10 Public Participation Hearing

June 20 Public Participation Hearing

January 30, 2008 Public Participation Meeting


Disclaimer: These files only contain the exhibits that were used to support the workshop presentation. They are not meant to be used as a standalone report.

Presentation from April 17, 2008 Study Session

Community Workshop 6, Beach Boulevard, February 27, 2008

Huntington Beach Character Workshop on January 30, 2008

Edinger Corridor Vision by FTB on January 8, 2008

Market Impacts Edinger Corridor on January 8, 2008

Exhibit Used at Community Meeting #4, September 20, 2007, The Vision for Edinger Corridor

Exhibits Used At Community Workshop #3: Traffic, on August 27, 2007

Exhibits from June 20, 2007 Community Workshop #2 "Broad Brush" Revitalization and Planning Concepts

Preliminary Market Analysis Power Point Presented by Tierra West Advisors at the May 10 Public Participation Hearing

Power Point Presented by Freedman Tung and Bottomley at the May 10 Public Participation Hearing

Power Point Presentation at the October 20, 2008 Joint Study Session.


Jennifer Villasenor, Acting Planning Manager (714) 536-5271

Kellee Fritzal , Offce of Business Development (714) 374-1519

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