Facade Rehabilitation Program

The Commercial Façade Rehabilitation Program provides funding for commercial property owners and/or tenants to cooperatively update and improve commercial properties.

Commercial Facade Rehab Examples

Eligible Improvements

Program Priority

The following items will be considered as a basis of assigning priority:

Minimum Qualifications

Program Eligibility

Revolving Loan Program

The Commercial Façade Rehabilitation Program provides an opportunity to apply for a secured loan of up to $100,000 with 3% simple interest through the City Façade Rehabilitation Loan Program. Loan repayment will be based on a 3-10 year amortization schedule. The City will expedite the planning review process for projects participating in the revolving loan program.

Maintenance of the improvements made through the revolving loan program must meet the standards determined by the City throughout the loan timeframe. Properties not adequately maintained will be ineligible for future assistance on commercial façade improvements and will need to be restored to compliance with the City’s maintenance standards at property owner’s expense, loan funds may also be subject to immediate repayment.

The secured loan can be used separately or in conjunction with the grant program.

Grant Program

Under this program, the City may provide a grant of up to 50% of the cost of eligible construction activities. The two tiers of the grant program are as follows:

Commercial properties are limited to one grant per five year period. Receipt of the grant is subject to project inspection by City staff and the submission of complete documentation of project costs, invoices, and contracts. The City will expedite the planning review process for projects that are awarded the façade improvement grant.

 If conditions of the grant agreement are met, the funds dispersed through this grant program are not required to be repaid. Awarded funds will automatically be utilized first in the payment of any city fees associated with the project (for example: planning application fees or building permit fees).


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