Downtown Specific Plan & Parking Master Plan

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The departments of Economic Development and Planning have been directed by the City Council to update the Downtown Specific Plan (DTSP) and Downtown Parking Master Plan (DPMP). The DTSP contains provisions that regulate land use, development standards, and development intensity in the downtown. The DPMP is an integral part of the DTSP and establishes the shared parking concept in the downtown core. The purpose of the amendment is to re-analyze and potentially modify development thresholds that were established under the most recent amendment to the Downtown Specific Plan in February of 2002 to the original 1983 Plan. In addition to development thresholds, the City Council directed staff to review the current DPMP and its boundaries. The amendment will analyze areas outside the DPMP boundaries for possible inclusion within the master plan.

The planning consultant (RRM Design Group) is responsible for developing land use provisions and urban design guidelines that support and encourage a mixed-use development community. RRM is working with Kimley-Horn Associates, Inc., which specializes in the analysis of parking in a downtown setting and will be responsible for amending the DPMP. Kimley-Horn will utilize "shared use" parking strategies and other innovative approaches to regulating parking in a mixed-use development community. The DPMP was last modified in 2000.

RRM Design Group, Kimley-Horn Associates, and city staff have held three community meetings/workshops to provide updates and obtain input from residents, business owners, developers and property owners. The complete power point presentations can be viewed by clicking on the date below.

Some of the topics discussed and considered during these community meetings include: parking, traffic, current and future development, land use, seasonality of events and congestion, transit options, offsite parking, in-lieu parking issues, development of cultural center, and pedestrian friendly walkways.


Planning Commission 06/23/09 Presentation
Open House Banners - 12/04/08
Downtown Specific Plan Workshop 4 - 12/04/08
Downtown Specific Plan Workshop - Downtown Parking 04/23/2008
Downtown Specific Plan Workshop - Project Update 02/20/2008
Downtown Specific Plan Workshop - Project Overview 11/27/2007
Downtown Specific Plan Workshop Photos

Revised Draft Downtown Specific Plan Update, June 2009

On November 16, 2009, the City Council voted to reconsider the DTSP Update. The Public Hearing is scheduled for January 19, 2010.

California Coastal Commission approval -- to be determined

Public Documents

Downtown Specific Plan - November 2, 2009 (Pending City Council Reconsideration and California Coastal Commission certification)

Book One

Book Two

Downtown Parking Study (updated September 2009)

Downtown Specific Plan Marking Study (2008)

Down Town Map


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