Fireworks in HB

Fireworks cannot be discharged downtown or anywhere in the City of Huntington Beach, and subject to a $500 fine for the first offense.

All fireworks are prohibited in all areas in Huntington Beach anytime during the year. A full listing of fireworks regulations can be found here.

There are 3 basic forms of fireworks

  • Commercial
  • Dangerous and
  • Consumer commonly known as "Safe and Sane" Commercial firework displays are typically used for display for large public audiences. They are maintained and monitored by licensed pyrotechnicians and the H.B.F.D. during the setup and launching process. A permit from the city is required to possess and discharge such pyrotechnics.

Dangerous fireworks are explosives such as M-80's firecrackers and even small firecrackers known as "Ladie Fingers". It is illegal to possess (12677 H&S) or discharge (12680 H&S) such fireworks anywhere in California .

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Additionally, the dangerous practice of shooting a gun into the air is illegal (9.76.010 HBMC). Please consider your fellow neighbors and remember these bullets come down with deadly velocity.

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