Homeless Task Force

On March 16, 2015, the City Council voted to form a 7-member task force to meet and to advise the City Council on homelessness in Huntington Beach.

The Homeless Task Force has given their recommendations to the City Council and will not be holding regular meetings until further notice.  Meeting agendas, minutes, and other pertinent documents are available below.

Task Force Member
Appointed By
Ralph Bauer Barbara Delgleize
Dave Moses Jill Hardy
Bill Blair Jim Katapodis
Ron Kupferstein Billy O'Connell
Hector Valdez Erik Peterson
Vicki Boatman Mike Posey
Joe Sullivan Dave Sullivan

February 17, 2016 Meeting Agenda (Amended)

Notice of Cancellation of January 13, 2016 Meeting

January 5, 2016 Meeting Agenda

December 9, 2015 Meeting Agenda

November 18, 2015 Meeting Agenda

AMENDED October 14, 2015 Agenda

September 9, 2015 Meeting Agenda

August 12, 2015 Meeting Agenda

July 8, 2015 Meeting Agenda

June 10, 2015 Meeting Agenda

May 26, 2015 Meeting Agenda




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