Fireworks Works Information

fireworks graphicGet ready to celebrate the Fourth of July! It is now legal to use safe and sane fireworks in the City of Huntington Beach on the 4th of July from noon to 10 p.m. (see Municipal Code for requirements on places of discharge). With the passage of Measure T, the City Council wrote new regulations to help non-profit organizations raise money and for all residents to have a safe Fourth of July. Non-profit organizations have applied for the opportunity to operate one of 15 allowed fireworks stands to raise funds for their charitable cause.

Lottery Held - Winners Announced!

Firework Lottery Winner Annoucement 2016


Key elements of the new regulations include:

Link to Municipal Code Chapter 5.90 Fireworks

Did you know?

Construction going on in your neighborhood? Huntington Beach City Code allows for construction with an open building permit Monday-Saturday, 7AM-8PM. Work not requiring a permit may be completed Monday-Saturday, 8AM-8PM, and Sunday, 9AM-6PM.

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