Temporary Water Meter for Construction Information

Fire Hydrant Meter Use


NOTICE: TO ALL CONTRACTORS working in the Huntington Beach, Sunset Beach or Surfside water service area.


Contractor must have a valid Fire Hydrant Use Permit on site.

Fire Hydrant Permit Procedures


1. Permits are obtained at City Hall, 2000 Main Street, First Floor, Finance Department. You must complete the original paperwork in person.

Complete the Fire Hydrant Use Permit (Download Sample) and Application for Service (Download Sample)

The Permit must include:

Construction Water (CW) number will be issued at the time the Application for Service is made. This CW number must be referred to every time the Treasurer's Office is contacted in connection with the construction meter.

2. Red Fire Hydrant Use Permit Tag

Contractor will attach the Red Tag (Download for Sample) to the specified hydrant. The meter will be locked in place by the Utility Division by the requested date. The permit must be issued at least one day in advance of the meter set date.

3. Fees required to start service:

$700 Meter Deposit
$129 Meter Set Fee

Cash, cashier's check, money order or imprinted check only. Returned checks will invalidate the permit and the hydrant meter will be removed.

4.  Moves: To relocate the meter to a different hydrant, all moves MUST be performed by Utility Division personnel. The move fee and notification must be received at least one day in advance of the requested move. Multiple moves may be paid for when the permit is obtained.

FEE: $115 Each relocation*

*Exception for Flushing: When meter movement is necessary to flush the system for required water quality testing, it will be charged as one relocation. All flushing will be monitored, and moves will be made only by authorized Utility Division personnel.

The meter will be returned to its starting location immediately after the flushing process.

Billing and Penalties


5. Charges:

$70 per month basic charge
$3.66 per hundred cubic feet (748) gallons
5% Utility Tax

Meters will be read once per month. Accounts must be paid by the Due Date on the bill or late fees will be assessed.

6. Past Due Accounts: Meter may be removed if account is delinquent, requiring a $115.00 reset fee. All outstanding fees must be paid prior to meter being reinstalled. A late charge of 1.5% per month will be accrued on the unpaid balance.

7. Tampering: Meters found in a location other than as set by Division will be charged a penalty of $115, plus labor costs, and removed from the site.

8. Damages: All damages or losses to hydrant, eddy valve or meter will be billed to the permittee plus a $115 meter reset fee.


9.  Tools Required: A Spanner or hydrant wrench is the only tool acceptable for use on hydrant stem valves.

10. Removal: You must complete the Discontinuance of Water Service Card to have the meter removed and the final bill calculated. You will continue to be billed until the written request is received and processed. Requests must be received by the Finance Office one (1) business day in advance of the removal. If the meter is undamaged, the deposit will be released upon receipt of the final payment.

Call Rudy Ocampo or Armando De La Torre, Utilities Division, at (714) 536-5921, if there are any questions regarding fire hydrant meter use.

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