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Enter the CoolCalifornia Challenge Today!
posted on 10/07/2015.

The City of Huntington Beach is participating in the 2015-2016 CoolCalifornia Challenge which runs from October 1, 2015, to March 30, 2016. The CoolCalifornia Challenge is organized by Energy Upgrade California and engages households in 22 participating cities throughout the state to reduce their energy and water use at home as well as their transportation emissions through a statewide city-to-city competition.

The winning city will be crowned the “Coolest California City” and two runner-ups will be named a “Cool California City.” All cities will receive a portion of $150,000 in prize money to support their local sustainability efforts. One city prevails, but everyone wins.

The CoolCalifornia Challenge demonstrates the important role that cities play in the state’s efforts to fight climate change and move California toward a cleaner, sustainable economy.

To sign up and learn more about the challenge visit Questions relating to CoolCalifornia go to Kirsten Graham at

Did you know?

The city has over 1,000 parking spaces near the beach!  You can purchase the Annual Beach Parking pass that allows discounted parking prices near the City beach.  Learn more about this beach parking pass.

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