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Oil Drilling to Begin at Pacific Coast Hwy. and Golden West St.
posted on 02/19/2014.

Over the last several weeks, OXY USA Inc. has been assembling an oil drilling rig on its facility adjacent to Pacific Coast Highway and Golden West Street. The company has a  longstanding use permit which allows for oil drilling on the site, and the operation is in compliance with the City’s Municipal Oil Code.

Compliance verification included cross checking with other affected city departments and the California Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Thermal Resources (DOGGR), which also issued an oil drilling permit. DOGGR and fire department staff will conduct inspections prior to drilling to ensure compliance.

OXY staff has indicated they tentatively plan to drill approximately 85 wells within the property. OXY has further indicated that they plan on only using one erected electric powered oil rig which will move after each well is successfully drilled. The large padding around the rig is designed to minimize potential noise from the drilling operations.
The company has two phone lines staffed 24-hours a day for any questions: (714) 969-3201 and (562) 624-3452.

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