Rental Facilities

The City of Huntington Beach offers a variety of locations available for reservation.

All reservations are made in person at the Civic Center.

City of Huntington Beach
2000 Main Street, 5th Floor
Huntington Beach, CA 92648-2702
(714) 536-5486

Featured Rental Facility Location
Art Center 538 Main Street
City Gym & Pool 1600 Palm Avenue
Edison Community Center 21377 Magnolia Street
Harbour View Clubhouse 16600 Saybrook Lane
Lake Park Clubhouse 1035 11th Street
Lake Park BBQ 1035 11th Street
Murdy Community Center 7000 Norma Drive
Newland Barn 19822 Beach Boulevard
Rodgers Center 1706 Orange Avenue
Senior Center in Central Park 18041 Goldenwest Street
Huntington Central Park - Picnic Shelter 6630 Lake View Drive
To reserve the Central Library Theater or Rooms, please call (714) 960-8839.
Huntington Central Park - Library 7111 Talbert Avenue

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