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21002 Pacific Coast Highway; 31.5 acre gross site bounded by Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Street, Atlanta Avenue, and First Street


Project Background

  • On June 7, 2004, the City Council approved Environmental Impact Report No. 02-01, Tentative Tract Map No. 16338, Conditional Use Permit No. 02-20, Special Permit No. 02-04, Coastal Development Permit No. 02-12, and Conceptual Master Plan for the Pacific City project. The approved Pacific City mixed use project allowed subdivision of the approximately 31 acre site into three parcels and permitted development of 516 condominiums, an eight story, 400 room hotel, spa and health club, and 191,100 square feet of visitor-serving commercial uses with retail, office, restaurant, cultural, and entertainment uses. The approved project was subsequently reduced through an entitlement plan amendment in 2008 to a 250 room hotel and a corresponding reduction in the parking through a revised shared parking analysis.

  • Pacific City Condo Drawing The map was recorded on August 30, 2007. The project started construction on two thirds of the subterranean parking structure along Pacific Coast Highway but ceased construction in approximately 2008 due to the downturn in the economy and market conditions. The site was acquired by new property owners, Crescent Heights and DJM Capital Partners. Crescent Heights is the owner of the residential portion of Pacific City, and DJM is the current owner of the commercial parcels. Pacific City Hotel, LLC recently acquired the hotel parcel from DJM. Subsequently, approval of EPA No. 12-005 and DA No. 12-001 amended conditions of approval related to affordable housing, park and school fees, and project phasing. Amendments to the residential site plan, floor plans, and elevations were approved by the Planning Commission via EPA No. 12-007 and EPA No. 12-009 in 2012. The City Council approved the Entitlement Plan Amendment No. 13-001, Variance No. 13-008, and Special Permit No. 13-001 for the revised commercial plans on September 16, 2013.Pacific City Resident Drawing

          Final Environmental Impact Report





Commercial / Retail

Entitlements: Entitlement Plan Amendment No. 13-002 / Variance No. 13-008 / Special Permit No. 13-001
Applicant: Becky Sullivan, DJM Capital Partners, Inc.

Pacific City Retail RenderingSummary: In September 2013, the commercial portion of the mixed-use development was amended with modifications including: redesigning the site plan, floor plans, and elevations of the approved 191,100 sq. ft. development, changing the square footage mix of retail, office and restaurant uses, separating the subterranean parking garage from the hotel, relocating the public pedestrian easement, removing angled street parking on Pacific View Avenue and providing at grade parking, and increasing the size of the parcel.

Project Plans
Colored Renderings
Landscape Plans

Status: Under construction; EPA/VAR/SP approved – Sep. 2013



Entitlements: Entitlement Plan Amendment No. 13-005 / Special Permit No. 13-003

Applicant: Anthony Wrzosek, R.D. Olson Development

Pacific City RenderingSummary: The proposed project is a request to amend existing plans for the hotel portion of the mixed-use development. The proposed modifications are to amend the site plans, floor plans, and elevations for the mixed development by redesigning the visitor-serving hotel development including relocating and expanding the service driveway along Huntington Street, redesigning the site layout and elevations, providing approximately 18% valet tandem parking spaces, and special permit for electrical transformers located within the street side yard setback. The hotel will consist of 250-rooms, 8-stories, 5,800 sq. ft. restaurant, meeting and banquet rooms, and spa and fitness facilities.

Project Plans

Status: Under construction; EPA/SP approved – Feb. 2014




Entitlements: Entitlement Plan Amendment No. 14-001/ Variance No. 14-007

Applicant: Mark Oberholzer, MVE & Partners Architects

Property Owners: UDR (DCO Pacific City LLC)

Summary: The proposed modifications to the 17.23 acre residential portion of the Pacific City development include redesigning the cluster building layouResidential Renderingt, relocating the driveway entrances off Huntington Street and the inner loop road, adding an Emergency Vehicle Access driveway from Huntington Street, removing one driveway entrance from the loop road, redesigning the layout of the two levels of subterranean parking, and a parking variance for a reduction in total parking space requirements.  Changes to the elevations, building colors, and materials consist of amending the project design to a contemporary coastal aesthetic similar to the commercial and hotel architecture of the mixed use development.  Although the original project was approved as condominiums, the applicant intends to lease the units as apartments at this time.  Overall, the original count of 516 multi-family units remain the same.

Status: In plan check; EPA approved, VAR denied – Feb. 2015

Project Plans



Information Updated: Feb. 10, 2014

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