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The room consists of 8 working positions for dispatchers and call-takers. Most dispatchers have four screens that they use for phone, radio, and computer traffic. The first screen used is the phone system, called Vesta, and allows communications operators to receive calls for 9-1-1 emergencies, non-emergency calls, and in-house calls. The system is capable of transferring to all city services, in-house building lines, and several outside agencies to help assist callers in an efficient manner.



Radio dispatching requires the monitoring of up to 8 different frequencies at once. A majority of radio traffic occurs on a Primary Channel for the police department. Secondary channels exist for countywide emergency traffic, department to department traffic, and communication with other units without inhibiting the primary channel. Station security is also monitored by Communications since the unit is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The radio panel controls the entrances to the department as well.



Two of the screens allow dispatchers to enter in calls (Computer Aided Dispatch-CAD) and check the in-house Records system. As a call is entered, it automatically pops up on the screen available to be dispatched. This allows for a faster response by officers in the field to “hot” calls like robberies in progress, stolen car just occurred, and children not breathing. Without any notes other than an address and call type, officers can begin responding to a call. While enroute to calls, the Records system allows dispatchers to review prior incidents that have occurred at a location, check contacts with subjects, and review reports for information that may help with Officer Safety and criminal arrests. Dispatchers also use the CAD system to verify vehicle and license status, check for wants and warrants on suspects, and scan for stolen equipment.

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